Crosby Cricket Club - Winners

About Crosby Cricket Club Limited (“the Club”)

Club Background

Established in 1946 the Club has been playing cricket at the Marown Memorial Playing Fields since the club was formed. The ground is rented over the summer months from the trustees of the playing fields and an artificial wicket is used for all home matches. All facilities, such as the changing rooms and hall remain the property of the trustees but are used by the Club as part of the lease agreement. The current Club structure can be summarised as follows:

Current structure
The Club is an incorporated Company, limited by guarantee. A Club Constitution has been adopted by the Board of Directors and day to day management of the club is delegated to a Committee consisting of Senior Members. An annual AGM is held every year to elect the officials of the Club and approve the accounts. The Committee meet regularly  throughout the year and are authorised under the Constitution to perform various duties.

Up until the early 1990’s the Club only ran one senior team. Today the Club runs four senior teams (Crosby A, B , C and D – Junior Development side) for midweek matches, and two senior teams in the weekend A and B leagues. In addition, the club has Under 15, Under 13, Under 11 and Under 9 teams.

Current playing membership is approximately 35 seniors and 40 juniors. Players registered with the Club are from all over the IOM and are not restricted to the Marown area.

There are no paid coaches and all coaching is provided by senior members of the Club. As at 1 May 2016 there are currently 10 Level 1 coaches. Two members are a Level 2 coach (Gareth Rowlands and Chris Eaton).

The Club currently costs approximately £6,000 annually to run including rent, equipment purchases and loan repayments. Income comes from sponsorship (Club currently seeking a new Title Sponsor), annual subscriptions, the sale of advertising boards at the ground, 50 Club and ad hoc fund raising events such as race/quiz nights.

The largest capital expenditure for the Club in recent years has been the purchase of a new mower which cost over £8,000. 1/3 of the cost was supported by the IOM Lottery Trust. The Has also committed to a joint field maintenance programme with The MMPF trust and Marown Football section and has contributed £2 500 towards new Capital equipment to try and improve the overall standard of the pitch to enhance the possibility of play during wet periods.

Honours / trophies
The Club has been successful in recent years particularly at B team level but has been starved of success at an A team level since the 1993 Tinker Cup final win. The Senior A team won the Wednesday T20 Cain league in 2019 for the 1st time.

The Club holds an annual prize giving event and there are trophies for players at all levels as selected by the committee.

Mission Statement
The Clubs overall vision is to continue to support and develop cricket within the Isle of Man at both a junior and senior level, by promoting the development of players and by providing the highest quality facilities and equipment it can. The Club will support and harness the development of all young cricketers, promoting and supporting individuals who are either disabled or from ethnic minorities and ensuring that the Club remains an integral part of the local community.  

  1. To achieve this vision the Club has set a number of objectives for the next five years and these are noted below:
  2.  Improve the quality of cricket facilities and equipment available to its members.
  3.  Significantly increase current income to enable capital expenditure on Club facilities and equipment.
  4.  Increase the number of coaches and qualifications of those coaches.
  5.  Increase overall membership and the number of teams at all levels.
  6. Support local cricketing activities such as the Manx Youth Games.


Indoor – The Club uses the facilities of QEII (juniors) and the NSC (seniors) for its indoor nets usually from January to April each year. Separate coaching sessions are held for Under 9/11’s, Under 13/15’s and Seniors.

Outdoor – All home matches are played at the Marown Memorial Playing Fields. The ground is rented over the summer months (May to August) from the trustees of the playing fields and there is only one artificial wicket. The Club has priority use of the ground in the relevant months and use of the changing rooms (home and away plus umpire changing) and the community hall to provide teas. In recent years a two lane outdoor practice net has been built from IOM Cricket Association funding.

Property belonging to the Club at the ground is as follows:

  1. Outfield mower (purchased in 2007).
  2. Sight Screens.
  3. Computerised scoreboard.
  4. Bowling machine
  5. Kit bags for all teams.


As noted in section 1 the Club is run on a day to day basis by a Committee consisting of eight members currently. All committee members are unpaid and a brief synopsis of each person is as follows:

Kevin Quine – Chairman, Level 1 coach.

Kevin Kniveton – Club Secretary , Level 1 coach.

Dave Picken – Treasurer, B team captain, Senior Development Officer and Level 1 coach.

Bev Buxton – Club Welfare Officer.  

Gareth Rowlands – Level 2 coach.  

Craig Hartmann – Level 1 coach.

Dave Butler – Level 1 coach

Alex Poole-Wilson – Level 1 coach

Talented Players
The current number of age group players (under 13 and under 11) in Isle of Man cricket squads is 5.

The number of senior players in the Isle of Man senior squad is currently 4 (2021).

Chris Langford

Edward Walker

Carl Hartmann

Jacob Butler

There are no players at county level.

Five Year Future Objectives
Improve the quality of cricket facilities and equipment available.

  1. Continue to improve the playing surface / outfield at the Marown Memorial Playing Fields.
  2. Improve the training equipment available to all members.
  3. Purchase an electronic scoreboard. 

Significantly increase current income to enable capital expenditure.

  1.  Source new sponsorship.
  2. Increase advertising income from the sale of advertising boards.
  3. Increase the number of ad hoc fund raising events each year.
  4. Seek IOM Cricket Association, Lottery Trust and Sports council grants, if required.
  5. Increase the membership of the clubs “50 Club.” 

Increase the number of coaches and qualifications of those coaches.

  1.  Increase number of Level 1 coaches from 10 to 15.
  2. Increase number of Level 2 coaches from 2 to 4.
  3. Consider the appointment of a club professional / coach for one Summer.

Increase overall membership and the number of teams at all levels.

  1. Increase junior membership (Under 15’s and below) 40 to 60 plus.
  2. Increase senior membership from 35 to 50 plus.
  3. Seek to have an A, B , C and D teams at senior level on continued annual basis.
  4. Consider introduction of a women’s cricket team
  5. Increase number of IOM players in all age groups including seniors from 10 to 20.